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Giza Hummus <b><i>Gardenburger</i></b>® Topped with Provolone
Giza Hummus <b><i>Gardenburger</i></b>® Topped with Provolone 1

Giza Hummus Gardenburger® Topped with Provolone

Who doesn't like the creamy tang of hummus? Now imagine it alongside other fresh ingredients wrapped around a steaming Gardenburger® patty on a sourdough bun.

Products Used: Gardenburger® Original Burgers
Servings: 24


  • 24 each (3 pounds 12 ounces) Gardenburger® Original Veggie Patties
  • 24 slices (24 ounces) provolone cheese, slice
  • 1 pint 3/4 cups (1 pound 8 ounces) hummus, prepared
  • 24 each sourdough buns
  • 24 leafs (24 ounces) romaine leaf, fresh
  • 48 slices (2 pounds 2 ounces) tomato, fresh, sliced
  • 48 leafs (1/2 ounce) basil, fresh, chopped

Recipe Directions

1. Cook Gardenburger® Original Burger patty according to directions.
2. Place provolone on patty and place under broiler to melt cheese.
3. Spread hummus on bottom bun.
4. Place lettuce, tomatoes, and basil on bottom bun, then place patty on top of lettuce mixture and top with bun.