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Two personal sized quarter slices of pizza with chicken, corn, red onions and green onions  drizzled with bbq sauce and cheese crust placed on a square-shaped white plate on top of a wooden paneled table with a white small sauce bowl filled with red chili pepper flakes and a pizza cutter on top of a rectangular wooden cutting board

Food Service

close up of a plant based burger patty with tomato, onions, lettuce and mayonnaise with fries and ketchup on the side

College & University

Today’s students are not playing by the rules of dayparts. They build meals and snacks in components and expect to get any type of food at any time of day. So let us help you extend reach with some of their favorites!

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An elderly female patient with a tray of food that includes a Rice Krispies Treats® original bar


Kellanova™ is committed to helping you make the most out of your breakfast and snacking sales. From planograms to insightful tips, we give you the tools to build a comprehensive set that meets your consumers’ changing needs. 

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Eggo® Eggoji Waffle and a Rice Krispies Treats® on a blue tray


Keeping students happy and healthy is a big job, so we've made it simple to satisfy students' cravings and USDA requirements with products that are as delicious as they are nourishing. With recipe inspiration, engaging programs and the brands kids know and love, let's work together to give your students the power they need to conquer the day.

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close up of a plant based burger patty with tomato, onions, lettuce and mayonnaise with fries and ketchup on the side


Trusted Brands That Make Your Guests Feel Right At Home. Boost guest satisfaction and grow your RevPAR with our portfolio of favorite brands! We can help bring the flavors that your guests crave to your breakfast bar, lobby market, catering and more.

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close up of a plant based taco served on a wooden paddle board with two quarter cut limes on the side


Always trying to catch-up to customer cravings? We’ve got the flavors and formats your customers are looking for, plus recipe inspiration and innovative promotions to keep you ahead of the crave.

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Opened Pringles can with several pringles crisps around on a deep purple background

Vending & Micromarkets

We have the brands customers know, the variety they love and the choices they reach for again and again. Our unattended retail solutions provide quick services and allow customers to avoid standing in long queue lines.

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