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Power of Stories in Food and Flavor

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The Situation

Chefs are innovators who develop flavors that take us on a full sensorial journey. Their authenticity, passion, and personal stories are what transform a meal into a pleasurable experience.

Pioneering those new flavors requires experimentation, skill, confidence, and resilience. We celebrate those that chart new territories and explore flavors that surprise, delight, and transport us along shared adventures.

So we can best support operators to stay ahead of the crave, Kellanova™ Away From Home hosted an event with McCormick Seasonings where our combined teams of chefs reviewed this year's Flavor Forecast. After interviewing and cooking with chefs from around the world, the recurring themes being shared with our team were all about Global Flavors and Food Stories.

The Challenge

Whether your guests are eating in-person or on-the-go, connecting with your guests is more important than ever – and the way to do that is through delicious food, coupled with authentic storytelling. We asked our Culinary Insiders how you can tell stories around your menu to connect with guests and keep them coming back.

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Global Comfort Mashups

Exploring new flavors within a classic comfort dish can be a way to test new recipes with your guests before making them a more prominent feature on your menu.

Be sure to tell your guests the stories of what inspired you to experiment with these flavorsto help build connections. Was it a nostalgic childhood meal? Being taught a recipe by a family member? A popular cuisine from your heritage or culture? Whether they’re dining in-house or on-the-go, stories make your dishes even more memorable, keeping your operation top of mind for your customers.

Chef AJ knows how to combine global flavors and deliver flexitarian options for her guests, which was the inspiration behind her MorningStar Farms® Vegan Chorizo Crumbles Cassoulet. Her guests simply love thetraditional Mexican flavors of the chorizo, which add a layer of flavor to this classic French Cassoulet -a combination of Chef AJ’s Southern roots and French culinary training.

"My guests love hearing about my flavor inspiration."

Growing up around his family’s New York restaurants exposed Chef Bob to many Italian culinary traditions. His Chocolate Cannoli Eggo® Liège-Style Waffle with whipped ricotta, shaved chocolate and raspberry sauce is a modern take on a classic dessert.

His guests love the tart raspberry that cuts through the sweet ricotta, while serving a deconstructed cannoli make it easier to prep and eat on-the-go.

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Food is Emotional

Food can evoke feelings and memories based on the flavors and spices used in the dish. In fact, the part of the brain that interprets scents is tied directly to the memory center, which explains why a particular dish or aroma can recall memories. These moments create an emotional experience for guests – often sharing the chefs’ vision as they savor the dish. Chefs are inspired by their own experiences and cultures to bring these flavors to life.

Chef Christina creates this play on Chicken and Waffles with a traditional Venezuelan Cachapa and MorningStar Farms® Incogmeato® Homestyle Chik’n Tenders, inspired by many trips around South America with her husband. Using a plant-based product in a trend-forward dish with traditional flavors from Venezuela is a sure way to bring guests on a flavor journey they’ll not soon forget.

"This type of dish brings together flavors that inspire me and I know will get my guests talking!"

Chik'n and capachapas

Craving Something Good

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